Solitaire Microscope (S-508)

Microscope is exceptional tool for Diamond Industry. This tool has been widely used, that every aspect is optimised For the analysis of Diamond such as clarity, colour, finish grade and fluorescence of Diamond. It produce an accurate 3D image to make it possible to details of clarity & exceptional accuracy to analyses & evaluate diamonds. Few diamonds are perfect; most of them have some inclusion or imperfection. With Microscope, we can see very specific and accurate positions of inclusion in Diamond. Stereo microscopes are valuable tools for the inspection or analysis of rough Diamond also.


The Solitaire Microscope base is equipped with a advance illumination system that consists of a unique combinations of halogen or LED dark-field lighting or Halogen & LED combine dark-field lighting with Overhead a day light fluorescent lamp or daylight LED. Moreover, for fluorescence quality check additional Gooseneck spot UV-LED light available.

Dark field halogen illumination

Dark field microscopy is a very simple yet effective technique to study the inside characteristics of the diamond. A set of mirrors converges the light from all sides into the centre of the stone. It works by illuminating the diamond with light that will not be collected by the objective lens, and thus will not form part of the image. This produces the classic appearance of a dark, almost black, background with bright objects on it and it’s well suited for uses for examination of Diamonds.

LED illumination

LED (Light Emitting Diode) segmental ring light for shadow free ring illumination and oblique light segment illumination. Only LED gives more and a brighter white light to the diamond. Operator can choose LED illumination, which replace halogen with LEDs or in combination of both can offer you the same and extended examination possibilities.

Overhead a daylight

Daylight Illumination offers the best lighting conditions to study clarity, finish grade and even colour. Ideal for the grader to see at a glance the impurities of the stone being examined in 10X loupe.

Microscope Stand

Tilting Movement

Solitaire microscope’s ergonomic designed allow users a stress free work. Due to it’s heavy base body and easily adjustable in height and inclination, individual user can set it as per their own comfort. Stand is a rugged in design and all-in-one device that's easy-to-use and able accompanied all it’s existing and future accessories into it. Moreover, it can be quick to pack up and reinstall wherever it's needed.

Diamond Holder

It’s vacuum based gem holder, consist suction pad, lead with tube and the vacuum pump which is an integrated design of the microscope. It allows users to hold and move diamond in all possible direction with out the view being obstructed. Moreover, conventional magnetic wire/plan type tweezer is also available


Stemi 508

Zeiss Germany make Stemi 508 is a compact, reliable and equipped with optics and mechanics designed for heavy workloads especially field of gemological applications, with the large 36 mm object field you always keep the overview of your sample. The 8:1 zoom then allows to bring details up to 50× magnification. You even have larger diamond? Add interchangeable optics and observe an area of up to 122 mm. Stemi 508 offers better ergonomics than any other Greenough type stereo microscope in the world. The low viewing angle of 35° lets you keep a relaxed posture even after hours of work

With Stemi 508 you can observe Diamond & GemStone with sharp in focus and free from distortion or colour fringes. Optic is available in binocular and trinocular format. With a trinocular type, the third lens hole can be connected to a digital camera, allowing you to make pictures of your stones.

Technical Specification

General Information

Operation concept Stereo microscope, Greenough design with 8:1 zoom range
Main Component Lens Body, Stand and Illumination
Lens Body Stemi 508 (binocular, incl. eyepieces 10×/23 Br. foc), Stemi 508 doc (phototube, incl. eyepieces 10×/23 Br. foc,)
Stands Ergonomic design with adjustable in height and inclination for extended hours use
Illumination Three Options are available, which are Dark-field (Y), Ring Type (W) and Combination of Both (Y+W) with standard daylight.
Input Power Supply 110 - 230 Volt AC, 60/50 Hz
Optical Data of the Basic and Optional System
Magnification range 6.3× to 50x with basic version (10× eyepieces, no front optics) all magnifications from 2× to 250× (interchangeable optics)
Maximum resolution 225 Lp/mm basic version; up to 450 Lp/mm with interchangeable optics
Maximum object field 36 mm basic version; up to 122 mm using interchangeable
Working distance 92 mm basic version; up to 287 mm using interchangeable optics
Body Cast Iron and Stainless Steel body with Powder coating
Focusing Manual coarse adjustment with Tilting arm
Darkfield Illumination Halogen based Lighting to See diamond structures bright against a dark background
Ring Illumination shadow-free bright LEDs in ring illuminator for stereo effect.
Combine Lighting Combination of Halogen based Dark Field and bright LEDs in ring illuminator
Overhead Day Light Look at colored objects and giving soft light to observe glary or shining objects
Overhead Fluorescence Observe the fluorescence of the diamond in relief contrast
Polarization Add-On Study birefringent objects, detect stress in Rough and Polished Diamonds