Delivering the finest quality of diamonds all around the world is the biggest test. One needs to persevere the quality, purity, and perfection in each diamond they inspect. And therefore, we always strive to explore new technology that helps to complete this desire. Henceforth, we have included the newest product in our product line- Advanced Solitaire Microscope.

More advanced, more reliable, more competent, and more composed- that is what our newest and advanced solitaire microscope has to offer. With the incision of new illumination technology and lighting mechanism, it mainly focuses to offer the best clarity and analysis of gemstones.

Why Advanced Solitaire Microscope?

Designed with an advanced illumination system, this microscope completely restricts the object field from stray lights. The system is a composite of yellow & Day white LED lights which helps the lights to transmit appropriately from the specimen allowing the analyst to study the characteristics of the diamond specifically and accurately.

Technology Basic

As LED lamps are semiconductor light source, it produces a very low amount of IR emission. This helps in better visible light efficiency.

As a semiconductor light source produces a high amount of heat in the bottom, a unique thermal distribution technology is used which distributes a heavy amount of heat in the fastest way and increases the longevity of the LED.

The uninterrupted usage of the LED lights increases the heat in it; depreciating the life of these lights. Henceforth, the advanced device is implanted with instant cooling technology of LED lights which will optimize the cooling of these lights.

The LED lights are driven by the high efficient driver, which is flicker-free, deep dimming enabled, and non-spectral and diffuse light that will help to reduce the strain on the eyes. As a result, one can use it for a longer period in analyzing.

Finest Illuminating Technology

Light plays a vital role in the microscope. It is the volume of light that helps to know the perfectness of a specimen. The advanced solitaire microscope focuses on these specific characteristics which effectively displays the features of each specimen.

Darkfield Yellow and White light

When the diamond is placed on the holder, it will have a classic appearance of a dark, repercussive mechanism which will help to examine it accurately. This technology is used for inclusion and easy view of diamond clarity. This composition helps to analyze the specimen more lucidly, check the finish and clarity.

One of the eminent features of this newly designed microscope is that the programmable light produced with the help of this illuminating technology is between 3000K and 6000K. As a result of less reflective lights, your eyes get less affected, giving you more period for analysis. This technology helps to increase the productivity of the analyst as their eyes are less labored.

  • The visibility of inclusion and polishing is clearer in darkfield comparatively. It is easy to find even the minute part FL inclusion in the diamond.

  • the consolidation of both yellow (3000K) and white (6500K) lights, the analyst can make faster decisions and find the inclusion very easily. With control on the darkfield illumination, the user can even view the minute part of inclusion.

    One can tune the yellow and white illumination range between 3000K to 6500 K and also save the references for the future. It also gives the option to switch darkfield (yellow+ White) & ring illumination; as a result the user can discover three reference views of the specimen.

Defuse Ring Light

With segmental ring light for shadow-free ring illumination, defusive technology is inserted in this newly designed microscope which will focus on the cloud and grain view in it. The defuse light helps in the effective examination of the diamond while analyzing the surface inspection and polishing line of the diamond. The ring LED lights are distributed in four angles and the analyst can select a specific area to work. The selected zone will be hightlighted; so the analyst can concentrate on the specific area and view the facet of the diamond clearly.

  • The white defused LED ring light gives smooth reflection as a result it has a soothing effect on the eyes and can easily find inclusion.

  • Also, the ring illumination can control the light’s segregates in four angles so the operator can focus on a single facet as per his require.

  • Also, the ring LED is diffused so it becomes easy to find inclusion. As it has white & Yellow light from the bottom, Combination of diffused ring light & (Yellow& White) dark field illumination becomes easy to analyze even the minute defect of diamond.

Daylight and fluorescent light(Optional)

The advanced white field LED ring with daylight and fluorescent lamp, gives the analyst extended examination possibilities. In this advanced technology, the fluorescent light is optional light while the defuse lights are responsible for effective examination of the diamond when analyzing the surface inspection and polishing of the diamond. The analyst can focus on the diamond and can control the intensity of it. One of the most ideal technologies, this light also helps to view the polishing line and diamond’s facet easily and without any stress on the analyst’s eyes.

Daylight and fluorescent light(Optional)

One can control the illumination in the upper daylight in it. Consequently, the analyst can inspect the diamond at the angle he desires. This also widens the opportunity to analyze even the minute part of the diamond. Also, can configure the diffuse and direct illumination, as a result, can get the clarity of polishing line and diamond’s facet easily.

Stand & Control Unit

Magnificent Body Features

The insertion of the latest technology and adjustable body base of the microscope makes one’s work less worrisome and at ease; without stressing one body. The microscope is built likewise keeping in mind the height and body structure of the analyst making it comfortable for each one of them. The inclusion of tilting, inclining, and moving technology in building the body of the microscope makes the analyst work more comfortably; henceforth increasing their focus and productivity.

Obstinate Holding

Unless you have a steady and stiff hold on the gemstones or diamond, it is effortful to claim the accuracy of the quality. Therefore, this advanced version of the microscope makes it perfect with the high-density vacuumed gem holder including a suction pad which helps to move the gemstone or diamond easily without moving them.

Control Panel

Every minute changes an analyst requires can be obtained with a single and soft touch. Whether increasing the brightness of LED lights or the intensity of yellow lights one desires for the perfect analysis, all just require is one touch in this newly developed equipment. The new advanced Solitaire Microscope also includes the facility to save 7 programmed lighting settings for you. It also has the features of controlling these seven lighting settings through any android device that is connected with WiFi or Bluetooth.

  • One of the exceptional features of the advanced solitaire microscope is the features that can save the operational mode (7 memories) in it which are used to operate a prefixed setting for easy evaluation of the diamond and consequently helps to make it easy to analyze.

  • The smart encoder within can quickly manage the fine-tune and fast tune of illumination.

  • Easily programmable with a single touch, the advanced solitaire microscope has the feature to save seven programmed light settings that will make the work of the analyst easy to save. One can control this lighting setting with the help of a smart android control option that can be used to configure and standardize the illumination of the microscope as per their wish. As a result, it helps in the accuracy of the output.


When it is about a microscope, lenses are one of the most essential parts of it. At Vision 360, as we never settle for anything else than the best quality and consistency, we develop instruments made with the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology. And for this, we have been associated with the most leading optic lens manufacturer Zeiss. With an association of more than a decade with this forerunner brand, for us, it is these attributes that always can make success. And therefore, we strive to give our best to clients. We develop instruments made with the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology.

We have always been a step ahead when it's all about technology. With the introduction of Greenough-type stereo microscope by Zeiss, Vision 360 procured it as we believe in walking with the technology. The Greenough-type stereo microscope gives you crisp 3D impressions, adaptable object illumination, and effortless sharing of images whenever one wishes. This microscope is useful for easy specimen handling and large to view the field. Solid, maintainable and easy to use, this specimen is perfect for the analysis of diamond and gemstone.



The shadow-free ring illumination diffusive technology focuses on the cloud and grain view in the diamond. It helps in analyzing the surface inspection and polishing line of the diamond and also helps to reduce the volume of lights reflecting from the diamond


The introduction of the classic appearance of a dark, repercussive mechanism in the instrument is used for inclusion and easy visibility of a diamond’s clarity and finish. The programmable light produced with the help of this illuminating technology is between 3000K to 6000K.


To upsurge productivity and accuracy, the target lighting system is introduced which focuses directly on the specific area; reducing the focus on other portions of the diamond; increasing the accuracy of the result.


The introduction of white & yellow lights with flicker-free technology helps in capturing the frame and the diamond without maneuvering it; giving you an improvised view of the diamond. This is more comforting to the eyes and mind.


With 7 programmable lighting settings, this microscope has the features of controlling these light settings with the help of an android device which can be connected easily with the help of WiFi or Bluetooth.


It helps you to create your lighting profile specifying your lighting settings which the analyst can use any time without inputting the specification each time while using the instrument.


The microscope also includes the features of tunable lights. With the help of tunable lights technology, the analyst can tune in the lights as per the requirement to analyze the product.

Technical Specification