A Royal Co.® presented our 100% maintenance free exclusive lighting range with the export quality for the Diamond industry. In today’s technology era, we provide you latest various lights for Gemstone inspection with unique features. Our products are easily found in diamond bourses, manufacturing units and retailers around the diamond industries. You can comfortably do your diamond polishing, grading or sorting process. Fixture mounting is critical for directing the light precisely where you need it while minimising the work space required for your lighting equipment. Thus, we are offering multiple options for the same e.g. wall mounting, direct mounting into equipment and desk stand mounting base. Mainly used by professional jewellers and gemologists.

We offer the large selection of adjustable arm lighting and various type of bodies for lighting. Our illumination technologies include fluorescent and LED lights. We have many configurations to select from to suit your individualised space and application needs.

Extremely dependable and reliable, solitaire lights are chosen today by professionals and consumers throughout the world for their ease of use, visual comfort, and unmatched quality. Our products are manufactured in the India by an experienced and dedicated workforce who take pride in their work. We stand behind our products with outstanding support and warranty service.

Since 2012 team ARC is started working with more advanced and unique products for the diamond industry and “Vision360” (Patent filed) is the first innovative product in series of current developments. Vision360 is an automatic system for High volume polished/Rough Diamonds & Jewellery Photography with interactive online View. It creates a virtual diamond & Jewellery shopping experience that simulates the Store/ Office shopping experience, giving shoppers a realistic view in a virtual environment. The customers have the opportunity to assess the Diamond as if they were examining it in person from anywhere in the world, especially when they are seated 1000 miles away and dealing through the internet.