GemScope (S-305)

GemScope is a Horizontal microscope for examination of coloured gemstones. It is also known as immersion microscope, which is used for analysis of coloured stones in immersion liquids of corresponding refractive index. Horizontal arrangement of immersion cell, illuminator, and optical system for comfortable microscopy without surface reflections and free rotation of the Gemstone. It has unique design structure for comfortable and enjoyable work and best results. It is exceptional instruments with a range of unique features that hugely enhance the quality of the exact image you see. These microscopes are designed to allow you to see with astonishing clarity the quality of the Gemstones. Easily Identifying natural gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds.The beauty of gems to the human eye is determined by the gemstone's colour appearance with GemScope. The human observer can indeed find all the visible colours of our universe in the interior and on the surface of gemstones


The Solitaire Microscope base is equipped with a advance illumination system that consists of a unique combinations of halogen or LED dark-field lighting or Halogen & LED combine dark-field lighting with Overhead a day light fluorescent lamp or daylight LED. Moreover, for fluorescence quality check additional Gooseneck spot UV-LED light available.

Dark field halogen illumination

Dark Darkfield microscopy is a simple and very effective technique, for diamond and gemstone analysis, producing images with a dark background. However, to obtain good images the sample should be illuminated for the best possible results when grading and viewing. The requirement for a higher intensity light is because only reflected light is seen. At low magnification most instruments can be set up so that light is reflected toward the viewer rather than passing through the object directly toward the viewer.

Most gemstone microscopes with Darkfield have a simple darkfield condenser. This condenser sits on top of a base transmitted light source. This changes the path of the lighting from the base to the sides, creating a black field with a brightly illuminated sample.

Other microscopes with Darkfield are high powered, fitted with a powerful illumination source, and have a special condenser. This takes the normal illumination and changes the path of the light, illuminating the Gemstone from the sides.


Stemi 305

Stemi 305 is your compact stereo microscope with a 5:1 zoom. Stemi 305 lets you observe samples as they really are: three-dimensional and crisp in contrast – no preparation needed. Enjoy all the advantages of an easy-to-use microscope with integrated LED illumination for reflected and transmitted light. This Greenough microscope will give you crisp 3D impressions, versatile object illumination and easily acquired images to share, whenever you want.

Technical Specification

General Information

Operation concept Stereo microscope, Greenough design with 5:1 zoom range
Main Component Lens Body, Stand and Illumination
Lens Body Stemi 305 (binocular, incl. eyepieces 10×/23 Br. foc), Stemi 305 doc (phototube, incl. eyepieces 10×/23 Br. foc,)
Stands Ergonomic design with adjustable in height and inclination for longer use
Illumination Three Options are available, which are Dark-field, Bright field and oblique light Illumination
Input Power Supply 100 - 240 Volt AC, 60/50 Hz
Optical Data of the Basic and Optional System
Magnification range 8× to 40x with basic version (10× eyepieces, no front optics) all magnifications from 4× to 200× (interchangeable optics)
Maximum resolution 200 Lp/mm basic version; up to 400 Lp/mm with interchangeable optics
Maximum object field 29 mm basic version; up to 58 mm using interchangeable
Working distance 110 mm basic version; up to 185 mm using interchangeable optics
Body Light weighted aluminium body
Focusing Manual coarse adjustment with Tilting arm
Reflected Illumination Double arm gooseneck – enhanced contrast of 3D shaped objects through distinct shadow effects.
Transmitted Illumination Oblique – Observe uncolored transparent objects in relief contrast
Polarization Add-On Polarization filters for ringlights, spots and transmitted light units. Study birefringent objects, detect stress in Rough and Polished Diamonds